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'World Cup squad of Bangladesh finalized'

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World Cup squad of Bangladesh
The T20 World Cup will be played from October 17. The mission of Bangladesh started on the same day. Bangladesh team has already fixed the squad ahead of the World Cup. As usual, Mahmudullah is the captain of this format, hinted at that before the start of the T20 series against New Zealand.

Bangladesh will take the field on the opening day of the first round in Oman. Bangladesh's opponent on the first day against Scotland. The second round will be held from October 23. Bangladesh will have to go through the first round to go to the second round.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand-Australia team has been announced. The rest of the teams will have to send their squad's least teams to the ICC by September 10. As before, the organizers have asked for the names of 15 players and 8 officials. Accordingly, Bangladesh has almost finalized the team. If all goes well, the final squad for the World Cup will be announced in a few days.

Before the start of the five-match series against New Zealand, captain Mahmudullah said, "The World Cup squad is all set. The coach and I talked. The selectors hope the list of the team will announce very soon. It might or might not have been better; If the team had been given before the series. Then the cricketers could have relaxed. But I think it is not our cup of tea. Our job is to play cricket."

There are 19 cricketers in the squad of the Bangladesh team in the series starting from tomorrow. But 15 people will get a chance in the World Cup. Asked if anyone would be left out of the current squad or whether someone from outside would be added, the captain said: Soon you will know what is happening. The decision has already been made.

Oman will take on Papua New Guinea in Group B in the first match of the opening day of the first leg. Bangladesh's second match is on October 19, against Oman. Bangladesh's third and final match in the first round is on October 21, against Oman. These first-round matches will be played in Oman.

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