Printed on Mon Sep 26 2022 10:20:31 AM

Bangladesh ahead of India-Pakistan in world hunger index

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world hunger index
Bangladesh is far ahead of India and Pakistan in the world hunger index. Such information has come up in the World Hunger Index 2021.

Bangladesh ranks 76th out of 116 countries in the index released on Thursday, October 14.

On the other hand, Pakistan is ranked 92nd and India is ranked 101st. Among the South Asian countries, Nepal also got the same number of points as Bangladesh.

Only 15 countries are behind India in the hunger index.

It is followed by Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Congo, Sierra Leone, Haiti, East Timor, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Madagascar, the Central African Republic, Yemen, and Somalia. Most of these countries are poor in Africa.

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