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Youth arrested in Satkhira with 318 Indian SIM

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Youth arrested in Satkhira
Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has arrested a youth with 318 Indian SIM cards smuggled from Sangeeta junction in Satkhira city. The SIM cards were seized on Monday morning and the youth named Masud Rana (25) was arrested.

RAB 7 of Satkhira Company Commander Squadron Leader Ishtiaq Hossain confirmed this information at a press conference. Masud Rana was caught red-handed while sending the SIM cards to different places by courier.

The company commander further said that terrorists use these SIMs to commit smuggling, drug trafficking, trafficking of women and children, and even various other crimes.

"We arrested one of them with 318 SIM cards and handed him over to Satkhira Sadar Police. A case has been registered in this regard at Satkhira Sadar Police Station.

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