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Zelensky pledges Donbas will be 'Ukrainian again'

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pledged that Donbas will be "Ukrainian again," as Russian forces continue to make incremental gains in the southeastern region.

Speaking during his nightly address on Friday, May 27th, Zelensky called the current situation in Donbas "very difficult," referencing Russia's ramping up of firepower and manpower in the region.

"That's why we have to increase our defense, increase our resistance, and Donbas will be Ukrainian again. Even if Russia will bring all suffering and ruination to Donbas, we will rebuild every town, every community. There's no real alternative," Zelensky stressed.

The US Defense Department maintained during a press briefing Friday that Russia is continuing to make "incremental gains" in Donbas.

Ukraine continues to call on international partners, including the UK, to provide it with multiple launch rocket systems to counter the Russian offensive.

While acknowledging Ukraine's request, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby stressed during Friday's briefing that “decisions… haven’t been made yet.”


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