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'Zia started a culture of mockery and vote rigging in the election'

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, "Awami League is a party of land and people. We have always come to power through voting. The Awami League never came to power through the back door. Ziaur Rahman has started a culture of farce and vote-rigging in the elections. '

She said, "The Awami League has never lagged behind in the politics of voting. Awami League always had a high percentage of votes. Awami League has been pushed back by conspiracy. We have left all conspiracies behind and moved forward."

The Prime Minister said this in her introductory speech at the beginning of the meeting of the Awami League's executive parliament at Ganobhaban on Saturday, May 7. Earlier, the meeting started at 5:30 pm under the chairmanship of party president Sheikh Hasina. Members of the party's executive parliament who took negative reports on the Corona Test took part in it.

Sheikh Hasina said, "One group wants to overthrow the Awami League government. What is our crime? Where have we failed? Zia, Ershad, Khaleda and Tareq have all killed people. People have been burned alive. '

Thanking Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader for this year's Eid Journey, the Prime Minister said, "People have gone home and are returning safely this Eid." People have gone to the village and celebrated Eid. '

She added, "On Eid, people of our country leave the city and go to their village homes. Such practices have decreased in many countries of the world. However, when the people of the city go to the village, the money supply in the village also increases. The transportation system of the village is getting better. We are developing from the grassroots. We are also strengthening the rural economy."

"We will not follow the dictators," she said. I will develop the country on my own. I will walk with my head held high. '

Regarding the Awami League conference, the party president said, "We hold regular conferences. The time is near. We've done some work before. We have implemented many of the previous declarations."


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